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Welcome to Mean Miss Mustard!

Hey, I’m Steph and I’m a  23 year old lady who loves amazing food and craft beer! I haven’t really got my shit together yet so I can’t afford to eat the most fanciest of places or make saffron infused anything, but I do eat. Even if that’s the only thing we have in common, it’s a pretty big thing!

Every recipe I write is suitable for vegetarians and a fair few are also great for vegans. I’ll try to make it as clear as possible who can eat what during each post. Originally this was going to be straight up baking blog, but then I noticed I eat these meal things during the day. Usually I eat more than one, it’s a problem I know! So in the end I’ve decided to document anything interesting I consume. Some times I’ll make it, sometimes I’ll rely on the food peddlers of Manchester. Oh, and I do very very occasionally swear (see above), sorry.

Recipe or review, I’ll stick it on here.

And another thing… I skate. 

So what do you think?

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