Bar review: Common

Falafel and halloumi burger with fries and coleslaw.

If you were to talk to me about burgers I’d swear blue murder that I’m not into this whole “find the perfect burger” craze, but since starting this blog I’ve noticed I seem to order them a lot (see SoLita and The Marble Arch for evidence). Maybe I’ve become one of those people, I really hope not. If you hear me obsessing about dirty dogs or whatever food crazy comes next I beg you please, just make me shut up.

This is quite a short review because Common is so popular assume you’ve been before.

Best 'slaw.
Best ‘slaw.

It’s great, end. Just kidding, I’m not that lazy. Common has great food, fairly cheap with burgers from £7.95 to £9. Common has great drinks, fairly cheap with alcohol from £2.50 to £5. It’s comfy, there’s loads of places to hide around corners and it’s usually fairly busy so there’s plenty of interesting conversations to ear wig into.

Weirdly the thing I like most about Commons is the coleslaw. I don’t know what they’ve done to it but they’ve managed to convince my that celery isn’t totally the devil. It’s easily the best ‘slaw I’ve tasted in Manchester. Once upon a time Fuel Cafe held my coleslaw crown but nope not anymore, well done Common! The fries are pretty well up there with my best as well, they cut them thin then cover them in a peppery seasoning.

Since the falafel and halloumi burger was the last thing I ate there I should probably tell you about that. The halloumi is tasty and not squeaky which is a bit of an art to get right. Especially if you’re my mum and don’t listen then end up trying to eat it raw. The Falafel is pretty good as well, sometimes it’s a slightly odd green colour and it doesn’t hold together all that well but it tastes great and that the main point.

Cucumber can do one!
Cucumber can do one!

Common is my default place to eat and drink. Many a where shall we eat conversation (borderline argument) seems to lead us here. It’s easy, inexpensive and constantly good. Although I did see a girl eating a whole stick  of celery out of a Bloody Mary in there the other day. I wanted to throw my beer mats at her, the masochist!  How can you allow this Common!?

So what do you think?

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