Bar review: Odd Bar

Odd's new spring menu
Odd’s new spring menu

Firstly let me start this by saying £4.95 (even though the menu says £4.50) for a bottle of Brooklyn Lager, the robbin’…

I hadn’t eaten at Odd in forever, not since I first became a vegetarian about two years ago. When I became ‘one of them’ I thought Odd was the dogs goolies, they had a veggie and a vegan breakfast that didn’t just replacing the meat with a soggy mushroom. I’m not sure why I stopped going but over time I guess I just forgot about it.

Someone should probably congratulate whoever is in charge of the Odd twitter account (@Odd_Bar) for reminding me that Odd, Odder, Odderer or whatever it’s called still exists. Twitter told me the new spring menu was ready so even though I’d missed the rest of the year’s menus I thought I might as well see what’s changed.

When we went in was packed so we had to sit up stairs and I wasn’t quite sure if we could eat up there. There wasn’t any menus on the table, just record sleeves. I’m not sure why I thought they were there but my first thought definitely wasn’t “oh look there’s the new menu.” After I’d clocked on what they were I got the novelty, it’s a pretty cool way to reuse old sleeves. Although I was a bit concerned when I noticed that some of the records were still in there. It felt a bit like using a book as a beer matt. I bet Vinyl Exchange will be a bit pee’d if they ever find out. Honour thy records!

Sweet potato chips and the savoured Brooklyn
Sweet potato chips and the savoured Brooklyn

There are so many things on the new menu that I can eat. Like maybe too many since I’ve got so used to apologetic veggie burgers and cheese bakes. Five out of thirteen dishes had the magic V next to them. Naturally this threw me a bit and I spent too long wondering why Odd were being so nice to us people.

In the end I settled on the Veggie Sandwich a Trios and Chris (the boyfriend) went with the Mexican Bean Burrito. Since neither of our choices came with fries we got a side of Odd’s Famous sweet potato chips to share.

As it turns out my sandwich did come with fries so we had a couple too many chips knocking about. Just kidding, as if we could have too many chips. But I am always suspicious when it comes to chips  especially sweet potato ones. I can’t abide them floppy and the thinner the better. You know them little scrappy bits of everyone leave at the end of the meal that are all crisp and no potato. Well they’re the best bit. Shut up, they are. Turns out these chips were so very very crispy and slightly spicy. They must have been fried within an inch of their life to achieve this level of crunch and I approve.

Veggie sandwich a trio complete with cucumber that will never ever get touched.
Veggie sandwich a trio complete with cucumber that will never ever get touched.

The Sandwich a Trios is a grilled triple decker filled with piquillo peppers, goats cheese, sun blushed tomato pesto and peppery rocket. The peppers are juicy, the seed filled toast is crisp and the cheese isn’t overpowering. It’s well worth the £6.95 they charge for it. My only little complaints are that the pesto isn’t very prominent and there is soooo much rocket. So much that it comes out like green spaghetti attached to the sandwich whenever you take a bite. I’m sure I looked very attractive with wilted rocket hanging out of my gob.

Now for Chris’ little cameo on the blog. Here’s what he though of his £6.95 Mexican Bean Burrito; “Possibly too much coriander, but it’s rare to get a burrito that actually has beans in it so that made up for it.” The Burrito comes with salsa (which I’m not sure if I saw) and soured cream which Chris hates and instructed me to ask them to leave out. They did remember to leave it out, sort of. But then again I did totally forgot to mention that they should hold the soured cream. So a mistake by Odd that totally got me off the hook.

Man wait for no photo
Man waits for no photo

If you’re after something hot and filling I’d say Odd is definitely worth your money. This decent meal for two including an extra side but not drinks came to a reasonable £17.40. But then there’s those £4.50 bottles. I get they’ve come from America but come on it’s not like they’re bottled Obama essence  £4.50, bit steep that.


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