Blogging Break – I didn’t mean to leave.


Two months. Two whole months since I last published a post. Two eventful months full of unwanted change and frustrating faltering.  Two months in which I had to stop blogging.

Surprisingly people have still be reading and commenting on this here blog even though it’s been left to crumble. During that time my family suffered a bereavement, our terminally ill  Dad/ Grandad/ Great Grandad sadly passed away. Unfortunately I was on holiday at the time so couldn’t drink to my grandad’s passing with the rest of my family. What followed was to be weeks of sadness, planning and a lot of time sitting in Grandad’s seats in his various pubs.

During this time I was also briefly planning to move to London. Then I wasn’t. Then I was getting ready to move to Liverpool. Then I wasn’t. So I am for the present, staying in Manchester. Although I was really psyched about spreading my wings a little and taking some professional strides, I’m happy to be able to stay with near my family family, my work family and my seemingly long lost Rainy City Rollergirls family. Even if this means I’m taking professional baby steps as opposed to hopping straight to my destination.

It’s not all been sad events though. Over the past couple of months I became a shortlisted blogger in the BlogNorth awards for the second year running. I had a brilliant time exploring the food scene in Brussels and learning that my stomach will never be mates with belgian yeast. There have been many gigs, festivals and fun work commitments to attend to. And I’ve finally managed to find time to skate with my roller derby team again.

I’d like to take this paragraph to apologise for subjecting you to a uncharacteristically swearless and quite personal blog post. I didn’t want you sending out the blogger search dogs. Sorry as well to all those who have been emailing me without reply. My brain has been pretty tied up and an out of office reply seemed a little inappropriate.

I’m back now. Get your shit together. It’s time for some food.


So what do you think?

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