Changos Burrito Bar – Oxford Road

changos burrito barI love a good burrito. I do not love cycling along Manchester’s Oxford Road. I don’t care if it’s the busiest bus route in Europe, congested roads are not a good thing. I do however care about dying as a result of a motor versus pedal power encounter. This lust for remaining a living breathing person was the main reason I’d been avoiding Changos Burrito Bar for so long, but 6 hours into a particularly taxing work day I decided I absolutely needed a warm tortilla hug.

Instead of cycling over to Changos’ Oxford Road location I decided to quickstep it over there in the hope they’d artfully but very quickly assemble me some food. Were they quick? Yes. Was I overwhelmed with Mexicana love? No, not really. This fast food restaurant is airy and colourfuly themed in bright aztec influenced patterns, which is very pleasant. I’m a fan of this. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. They’ll even be polite when pointing out it’s a little weird that you’re stupidly ordering a vegetarian burrito covered in a fish based sauce. The only thing the place down was it’s food. Although very reasonably priced at £4.50 for a medium or £5.50 for a large burrito I was sadly disappointed when it came down to the eating.


I went for a medium vegetarian burrito with guacamole, rice, beans, salsa, cheese & sour cream. After being told I’d picked one of the only fish containing sauces (chipotle), I changed my mind and settled on an extra drizzle of BBQ  sauce at the recommendation of the guys making my burrito. Although everything was present, fresh and not overcooked it was almost completely lacking in flavour. It’s likely this was partly due to under seasoning. Mainly however, I think it was due to their being an abundance of bulk bland ingredients (veg, rice, beans) and very minimal levels of condiments and cheese. This may be permissible in a meat burrito but when it comes to veggie food the seasoning, condiments and careful cooking methods are paramount! It’s tricky getting a rich and spicy flavour into vegetarian Mexican food and sadly I don’t think Changos have nailed it just yet.


Disclaimer: I was not ask to write this review nor was I paid to do so. All of my opinions are my own. Also, yes I am aware my bracelet is amazing. 

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