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You may or may not be aware that I’m on a quest. Nothing noble, there’s no traveling to distant lands,  there’s no fighting and there’s definitely no heroic rescuing. I’m just on a quest to find the perfect cookie recipe. It’s a very slow journey and if you’d like to see how I’m getting on with finding the perfect cookie click that link just there, that one that you just read!

My latest stop on the train to the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe took me to Now this is a brand a really like so when they approached me to develop a Mothers Day recipe for them I practically threw my Mothers Ruin Gin and Tonic Cake into their laps. As well as developing that beauty (even if say so) I was also asked to have a go at one of their recipes. Now I’m not really one for using other people’s recipe on this blog, I’m a stubborn little git with a mind set that I can do it everything on my own. That doesn’t always work out well believe me! But since this series of posts is about finding the perfect cookie I’m having to turn to other people to in order to test out their recipes.

In short, this recipe is a disaster! Here is a link to it if you’d like to double check that your self (Simple Chocolate Chip Cookies). Firstly the photo on the site is nothing like the cookies it produces. The recipe calls for cocoa powder yet the photo shows standard golden cookies. I’m calling bull on there being any cocoa powder in there! My main issue with these however is that they were cake-y as hell. Not a bendy chewy cookie. Not a crispy snappy cookie. Just a naff cake-y mess with some chocolate chips in them. This is definitely NOT in the running for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. To the next recipe!

baking-mad-reviewI received the chocolate chips for free in exchange for trying out this recipe. The chocolate chips were very nice indeed, but as you can tell the freebies did not sway my writing one little bit. 

Find them here: Silver Spoon Dark Chocolate Chips 

So what do you think?

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