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Didsbury Lounge Once upon a time I live in a place called Didsbury Village and it was the loveliest place I ever did live. Then one day somebody ran up to me with a reality pin and popped my middle class student bubble, chucking me be back to Oldham faster than I could say “but I escaped the mill already!”

Thankfully I wasn’t banished from the place and with just a 20 minute walk and a 1 hour tram ride I can visit and have a look at the little changes I’ve been missing. The main change I’ve noticed is that Didsbury Lounge has opened across the road from the library (I assume it’s opened in the past year or so, otherwise I was just a stupidly unobservant citizen). A couple of weeks ago I ended up in Didsbury Lounge for a bloggers wine tasting with the helpful Noel Reid from Robinson’s Brewery. The main thing I learn from that night was I know very little about wine as it’s not beer, but also that I really like the tastes Didsbury Lounge have going on on their wine list. Since I was too busy sipping some booze and eating the accompanying snacks I forgot to take any photos. So that was my excuse to make the hour and twenty minute journey for another visit, I needed to complete my self assigned blogging assignment and get my mitts on some more of that wine.

Sticky Rice Balls and the BEST houmous!

My favourite drink from that night and the one I’d planned on getting was the Malbec ‘Tiasta Reserva’, 2010 Argentina, then I saw the serving size and price and remembered it was a Tuesday night and I should probably calm down (£21.95 by the bottle). In the end I went for a more school night friendly Sauvignon Blonc ‘Cantas’, Chile (£4.85, 250ml) and the boyfriend got a bottle of Blue Moon. Now usually I would post a photo of our drinks somewhere around here but I’m not going to grace Blue Moon/ Coors with any more publicity. Blue Moon you are not craft you’re a naff commercial giant so stop lying on your label, BOO Moon!

Anyway, the other reason I’d decided to make a return to Disbury Lounge was because during the wine tasting we’d been treated to some amazing little dishes. After tasting the sticky rice balls, falafel, aubergine dip and hummus I thought I better let the boyfriend in on the good eats.

Borlotti bean chilli, aubergine dip, squash & blue cheese parcels, sweet chilli sauce and skin on fries.

They’ll do you a really good deal at Didsbury Lounge, you can buy either 6, 8 or 10 dish Smorgasbords for £12.99, £15.99, and £19.99 respectively. We ended up going for the 8 dish board because we wanted to try every veggie dish on the menu but couldn’t really be bothered with the salads. It’s winter so we need to put a bit of fat on our bones, eating health items may even be viewed as irresponsible at this time of year! That means we had Sticky Rice Balls, Squash & Cheese Parcels, Aubergine Dip, Borlotti Bean Chilli, Falafel, Hummus, Homemade Fries  and the Bread Basket.

The Sticky Rice balls, although only slightly warm were just as good as I’d remembered them. I’m a big fan of the mango chutney like flavour running through them. We had no absolutely complaints about the rest off the board, everything was wonderfully crispy and cleverly flavoured. But the unmistakeable star of the show was the hummus, which was easily the best hummus I’d ever had, it had a perfect constancy and brilliantly balanced flavours.

Bread,  but not the bit that had been for a dip.
Bread, but not the bit that had been for a dip.

Now I know I said we had no complaints about the rest of the board, but that wasn’t completely true as there was a little issue with the bread. Since the bread came as a bit of a side dish I’ll still stand by and say that the board was lovely, I did was served a couple of dud pieces of bread. Either the serving plate was wet or the non seeded/ oat topped bread hadn’t been baked properly as I had a couple of soggy bits.

Aside from my slightly soggy bread the whole affair was damn tasty, very relaxed and great value for money. Didsbury Lounge is classy and comfortable and has an awesome iron spiral staircase leading up to the toilets. I’d recommend it even if you just fancy some top wine and a nice trip to the loo.

So what do you think?

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