Fresh Meat Fuel: Iced Date and Orange Loaf Cake

Yeah that’s right, it’s vegan.

Cake after all that exercise that’s a bit counter productive isn’t it, nah doesn’t matter because it’s time to celebrate… I’m no longer a newbie!

I’ve been putting of writing this post because I’ve been waiting for that sick news, that’s where I’ve been. So, loyal Fresh Meat Fuel readers, I am still alive, you can call off the police search and put away your mourning skates. The girls I’m now skating with over in the Rainy City Roller Girls league are the Bet Lynch Mob. They’re Rainy’s beginner level competitive team and they’re brilliant and amazing and all that stuff. You know, just love them because you totally should.

I’m still no wiser if I’m about to become a jammer or a blocker. I think being 5 1″ tall I wouldn’t make the scariest blocker out there. Being really small I’m pretty hard to get a good hit on but I’m not quite light enough on my feet yet to be threatening any blockers. Also, have you seen the pressure that comes with being a jammer, could I take it? I would tell you how scary it is but I really don’t know yet, but now it’s my turn to try I can have a go describing it soon enough.

Naked sponge
I said VEGAN

Getting moved up has been a long time coming. I’d been getting pretty impatient as you might have gathered from my last alcohol fuelled post (Fresh Meat Fuel: March Of The Penguins). I know you’re dying to know the in depth details about how I’m getting on with my laterals and who fixed my skates this week but right now there’s no time for that. Alright maybe you’re not, but one day we should all totally play a game of lets humour Steph while she chats on about knee pads or whatever. Either way there’s no time now, there’s a far more pressing issue that everyone needs to be working on, my derby name!

In case you’ve never seen roller derby or any other sport names are pretty important as you have to walk around with it in big letters on your back. Not only is your chosen name stuck to you, but at the start of every bout each team player is introduced while their team parades around the track. So you know no pressure picking a name then, it’s only a bigger deal than naming a child. Children, I don’t care about. My derby name, most important thing ever!

So everyone hop into the think tank and help me come up with a bad ass title. Current suggestions are Mean Miss Mustard (what a cool name for a blog) or Steph Row. Get working on it guys!  Since I’m not a complete slave driver you stare at this cake while you get started on naming me. Recipe is coming later though*, it’s beer time now.

Chill your bean it's got fruit in it.
Chill your bean it’s got fruit in it.

As you may have heard from my Facebook and Twitter (shameless plug, and what!?) I’ve taken up a Citizen Radio challenge to be vegan for a week. So this is the first recipe from my vegan week.

Has anyone else done this sort of challenge?  You a maniac bro, do you even skate bro? 

*I’m really really sorry but I’ve lost the recipe for this one. 

So what do you think?

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