Fresh Meat Fuel: March Of The Penguins

March Of The Penguins - creamy stout
March Of The Penguins – creamy stout

I’m sorry I said this would happen sometimes, I just needed a beer.

This March Of The Penguins stout from Williams Bro. Brewing Co. ticked all my boxes; alcoholic, vegan and has animals on the label. Even better I could pronounce every single ingredient in the lovely thing, I don’t think that has ever happened. This stout is incredibly dark but isn’t too bitter, I highly recommend it if you’re into rich chocolaty coffee beers. It was £1.97 for a 500ml bottle from Tesco but you can get them from the William Bro. Brewing Co. website to support the micro brewers more directly.

Alright you got me I ate some peanut butter M&Ms as well.

So why did I need a beer… it turns out that due the erratic time keeping at First Group plc (the bus guys), last week I missed out on my chance moving up out of newbie skating. I don’t want to sound like a mega moaner but I know I skate as fast as most and I’m more confident on my feet than a few who I’ve seen graduate. I’m really happy for everyone that’s move up, I swear I am and I can’t wait to start jamming with them for real.

I’ve been skating for about six months now, not solidly I’ll admit but I think I’ve pretty much sucked the Monday sessions dry. There’s only so much I can learn from standing in line for my turn to slalom around the cones. The girls coaching me over at Rainy City Roller Girls are great, you couldn’t ask for a better bunch, but really I just need to play. I was rubbish at football, until I played. I was rubbish at the flute, until I played. I’m not rubbish at skating and I want to play!

The way I’ve always learnt best is when I’ve been shoved out of my comfort zone and had to put the moves into practice. I may have learnt the theory of hip checks from standing still or slowly rolling, but I couldn’t do them until I tried in a real jam situation.

Things like this have been really great experiences that let me learn quickly, but they’re few and far between. Mostly because real skating situations aren’t as important as teaching skills and safety. This might be great for other people but I learn by doing, I need to get my arse handed to me by a better skater to push me to beat them.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be out of my depth when I get move up, but I’m barely ankle deep right now. I’ll be the worse one there for a couple of weeks but that will really bug me and force me to get better. But on a brilliant note, while I’ve been writing this I’ve received a message saying I’m being assessed next week! I might not move up yet but at it’s definitely a sign I’m getting there.

Hopefully this has been helpful and isn’t coming across as me just bitching and moaning about where I’m at in my roller derby journey. If I’ve reached a struggling point I assume it’s happening to other girls, I ain’t special. So you keep trying, don’t stress at people and we’ll get there. Then I can knock you the hell off the track when we bout!

Alright you got me I ate some peanut butter M&Ms as well.
Not for you prego!

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