Fresh Meat Fuel: Roasted Butternut Squash and Mexican Cheese Toasts.


After tonight’s game changing practice I felt like consuming was a small amount of lime juice and a large amount of Tequila. But since I had half a roasted butternut squash left over from my roasted butternut squash soup with chilli oil I thought I’d better be more sensible and use that up. The squash got spread onto toast á la smashed avocado toasts and topped with some spicy mexican cheese. It was then whacked it under the grill for a couple of mins and I tried but maybe didn’t succeed in making sure not to burn the edge of the bread.

Scoop da flesh.
Get scooping that pre-roasted flesh.

So why was training so hard you ask? Well the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) , the governing body of women’s flat rack roller derby have just dropped a doosey!

To be allowed to compete in a league each skater has to pass a practical and written test called Minimum Skills. Although this is a massive pain in the derby skin clad bum it does mean that less girls get hurt as everyone can skate to a very high standard. On Sunday (14th April 2013) the WFTDA announce that the would be changing the minimum skills requirements to make them even more demanding.

Basically now instead of me being nearly ready for this pretty tricky test, I’m now nowhere near ready for this rock hard exam. The some of the changes they’ve made include upping the amount of laps you have to do in 25 mins from 25 to 27, jumps have increased from 4 inchs to 6 and stops now have to be done at a respectable speed and within a time limit*. I’m not happy about this, I bet you’re not happy about this and even some of the Rainy City Roller Girls first team aren’t very happy about it. Basically, boo!

Since the goal posts have now moved out to the stadium next door the coaches really pushed tonight. It was kind of deflating to realise what we had got up to a high standard just isn’t good enough anymore. But I guess I’ll get there at some point, even if it is further away now.

Spread spread, spready spread spread.
Use wholemeal bread for extra health stuff. If you don’t like wholemeal.. grow up!

That little tale of derby issues is why I went for such a comforting stodgy snack. But don’t be tricked this dish isn’t just stodgy; the cheese is packing calcium and the butternut squash is ridiculously full of potassium, vitamins and carotenoids. This snack got your back!

Once again there’s no way in hell I’m writing you a recipe card out for this. Spread, crumble and grill it couldn’t be any easier.

Healthy, spicy and cheesy. What more could you want?
Healthy, spicy and cheesy. What more could you want?

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*If I’ve got any of this information wrong just set me straight in a comment below. 

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