Fresh Meat Fuel: Smashed avocado toasts

Toast, avocado, lemon and seasoning. Simple stuff.

You could argue that this isn’t a Fresh Meat Fuel post since I didn’t go  to training last night due to the bank holiday. Really I don’t know if training was supposed to be on but there was no way I was dragging my kit all the way into town just to find the Thunderdrome all locked up. Although, I have been skating this week so on a stretched out I have sort of trained, technically. So here is the latest Fresh Meat Fuel post, complete with soppy touching tale.

If you’re not lucky enough to have grown up in a North Manchester town it’s likely you’ll have missed out visiting Roller City Rochdale. In the 90’s, possibly the 00’s it was the place to be for sweaty little kids to shuffle around on cheap rental skates and then disappear to hunt each other down in the padded world of Tumble Town. If you were a bit older you were probably more likely to be one of the intimidating teenagers who used to bomb it around the track then disappear into the darkness at the back of the rink to do god knows what.

At the time I was one of the little kids and the teens used to scare the hell out of me! Thinking back now though, they were kind of cute I guess. They must have only been about 15 or 16 and were just there to show off their backwards skating skills and maybe, maybe find someone to hold hands with for a couple of laps.

Sadly Roller City had been shut down and left to decay for the past 10 or so years. But now it’s back! While I was there practicing slaloming between kids at family skating I heard and saw one of sweetest things ever. By now all of those scary teens must be in their late 20’s and clearly haven’t forgotten about the place. Instead with their kids in tow they’ve dug out their boots and dusted off their old moves to see if they’ve still got it.

But yeah the cute thing. This guy  was skating holding hands with his two small daughters, one on either side of him. He was the picture of any of the scary older boys who used to zip past me as I wobbled along. I heard him turn to his girls to say “this is where me and your mummy first met.” Get your hanky I know! I’m not really one for emotion and that kinda stuff, but it just made my heart thaw a little. All these years on the spotty couples snogging at the back of the rink are still together and have their own little skaters shuffling around.

Aww don’t they look super pretty? Smash them!

Emotion over, back to the food! Smashed avocado toasts are beyond simple, but they’re so tasty I think they deserve a mention. Basically all they are is a piece of wholemeal toast with a few slices of avocado smushed on top.  Add a good sprinkling of cayenne pepper and a good squeeze of lemon and this on-toast-sorta-ting becomes the bomb!

I’d type out a recipe card for you to follow with helpful directions, but then I’d have to  put the toast into your mouth, help you chew it and then wash up for you. I mean really, this is too simple to mess up so you don’t need a card and you’re not getting one. Enjoy!

Make sure your avocado is ripe or so smashing for you.

Question: do you know anyone with a Roller City marriage, baby or restraining order level ex-partner? 

So what do you think?

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