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Don’t worry I haven’t been lying about my meat avoiding ways, Monday and Wednesdays are Roller Derby Days! So what’s that got to do with fresh meat you ask? Well basically the meat is me, I’m a newbie skater.

So most Monday and Wednesday nights I take my skates and head down to a freezing building on the outskirts of town and learn to skate with Rainy City Roller Girls. If you’re not sure what Roller Derby is then basically think of rugby, take away the ball and strap onto everybody’s feet.

Since my descriptive powers aren’t that great, you’ve probably just gone and done quick YouTube each and come across some Whip It clips of girls in fishnets beating each other up. As entertaining as these clips are to watch, they’re not all that realistic. Taking each other out with clotheslines and punches to the face aren’t really allowed, and I’ve not seen that many bloody noses.

Forecast says Rainy.
Go Rainy!


As it turns out, nothing builds up an appetite like knocking someone over at high speed! The first thing I do when I get home from training is wash the derby stink off of me (borrowed knee pads really do whiff!) and hit the fridge to see what I can find.

Usually I create something low calorie with tons of protein to help repair and build some muscle, but sometimes all I want is a beer. So whenever I eat something after training that could be a bruise reducing concoction I’ll post a link to it on this page. A little note though, some days I just want a beer or a packet of crisp, I’m not some fitness saint so there won’t be a Fresh Meat Fuel Update every week.

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