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world_food_cafe_vegetarian_bibleFREE STUFF YEAH!

Obviously the free stuff is for you not me, bloggers aren’t allowed to be publicly excited about getting anything for free. It makes us really dirty and I hate hygiene so there’s no way I’d do anything to increase the frequency of my showers. So I’m giving this newly published book away to one of you guys, that way someone gets a lovely free book (RRP: £20) and I don’t need to get my hair wet.

If you want to win but can’t be bothered reading my thoughts (bit mean) all you need to do is skip to bottom of this post and enter the competition. The Telegraph love it making it there Cookbook of the week a little while ago. Even if you don’t care what  totally should since this is my first EVER give-away!

If you’re unlucky and become a loser then you can still claw back a little bit of a win.  By subscribing to my blog (see linky thing in my side bar) and dropping me a quick email ( I can hook you up with a discounted price. I know a guy, yeah.


 Written by a photojournalist (Chris Caldicott) and an expert cook (Carolyn Caldicott) this book has been packed full of amazing recipes from less than usual cuisines and stunning imagery. It’s divided into recipe chapters of North Africa and Arabia, West & East Africa, The Indian Ocean, India, Pakistan and Nepal, South East Asia, French Polynesia, Caribbean and Puddings. Who knew Puddings were a geographical location!?

This is by far the most varied and possibly most complex recipe book I’ve ever had in my collection, sorry Yotam Ottolenghi. With over 200 dishes, 130 of which are suitable for vegans the World Food Cafe Vegetarian Bible is giving Yotam’s 2010 book Plenty a run for it’s money. If  you’re after a wider overview of unusual cuisines then this is your best bet. Again sorry Yotam, I still love you.

There are a fair few recipes that I’m dying to try out before I send this of to the winner of this giveaway. I may never get the chance what with my oven still being broken and the letting agents strutting around in there ten gallon hats and chaps. If I ever get the chance I’m so trying out the Potato Bondas (vegan) served with green coconut chunety. Then I’ll move onto the marinated halloumi with seychelloise rougaille sauce. And then I’ll probably sit dribbling at the rest of the beautiful food photography for a bit while I work out what to make next.


Did I mention it’s stunning imagery? I mean just look at that guy (above), I wasn’t aware there was a punk revival happening in the camel occupied regions of India but I am now.

This giveaway is free to enter and the book is basically new as I’ve only been able to have a read of it. Sadly it’s been no where near by kitchen and other possibly damaging areas of the flat. It’s a pretty weighty cookbook so I have to limit the give-away to entrants from mainland UK. Sorry readers from the rest of the word.


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