I’ve moved house and my oven is crap.

The foxes hate you.
The foxes hate me.

No I haven’t given up this blogging thing, I’ve just moved house and had to hand over my laptop to my dad. Well I say *my* laptop, it never really was mine. But it was a MacBook Pro that was just begging to edit my photos. I had to let it live it’s life the way it wanted, so I borrowed it for 6 months. Now that I’ve moved out I had to stop pretending it was mine and left it behind. I bet it’s so sad at my parents all unused and not playing Come Dine With Me late into the night.

No laptop, no blogging. I’m typing this on my boyfriend’s and I think it might finally sob it’s self to death if I asked it to open a largish file let alone edit anything. So until I get another lap top (recommendations graciously accepted) I’m on a unwelcome blogging break.

Also my oven sucks. It only does off and HOT. Someone make my landlord fix it, thanks.

So what do you think?

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