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lucha_libre_resturantLucha Libre is the new Mexican addition to the giant Great Northern Warehouse building. First things first I want to point out that this place has so many vegetarian options they make me want to hug the chef (only a metaphorical hug, I’d rather not be chucking hugs about if I’m honest). Its’ neighbours for the moment are; All Star Lanes, Almost Famous (hype-hype-hype!), AMC Cinema and James Martin. It’s a strange building, each unit looks to be tiny yet when you get inside them they’re huge as well. Forget the TARDIS this place is both bigger and smaller inside and out.

Now I know you shouldn’t really be reading reviews of a place before you give it a go but I’ve rationalised this. Pretty much every Manchester review blog I read is built on meat and I’m not going to be eating that so my experience is probably going to be pretty different to them. Sometimes I read a meat-centric review and it seems like I’ve been eating in an alternative venue. Do you know why, it’s because I’m so fucking alternative!


The main things I took away from reading some other Lucha Libre reviews firstly was that they have funky-ass tables and secondly that they’re slightly shy with the spice. After eating there I can confirm that they do have fantastically busily patterned tables but spice wise I don’t totally agree. A few dishes such as the veggie tacos, veggie empanadas and chipotle salsa were pretty dam spicy, yet things like the Maria Sabina quesadillas, refried beans and red rice may have never even clocked eyes with a chilli.

Below is the spicy salsa, creamy and limey guacamole and extra pointy tortilla chips. No complaints here, I loved the guac!

lucha_libre_manchester lucha_libre_mexican

See those potato crocket looking things above, they’re jalapeño poppers and they are mighty fine. The poppers are stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeños (as you’d expect), they were a little on the mild side for me but a quick dip in the salsa sorted that out. I could stuff my self with these until I got every fat and thankful of the dim lighting, it’s perfect for hiding a cream cheese double chin.



Service wise I think they’re doing pretty well for such a new venture. We had one lovely but slightly overeager waiter and another very helpful waitress. After looking at the menu which had possibly the most veggie dishes I’ve seen in Manchester at a massive 29 options, we decided we wanted pretty much everything. Thankfully our helpful waitress talked us down from ordering enough for 5 people and suggested chips and dips,  jalapeño poppers, the veggie street food tray, red rice and refried beans.

We were surprised with the generous two person Veggie Street Food Tray (above) which contains; 3 x Veggie Tacos, 1 x Maria Sabina Quesadillas, 2 x Veggie Tostadas and 3 x Veggie Empanadas. Each of the items is a full sized portion so you’re not getting shafted with any taster nonsense! Here is the Lucha Libre Manchester menu incase you want some more details on each of those dishes, lets not make me copy and paste it for you.

Lucha Libre is a great value and I can see me dropping in for a pre or post cinema meal pretty frequently. Just get pouring their ridiculously large hot sauce collected straight into my mouth!


So what do you think?

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