Magic Rock Brewing. Un-Human Cannonball Release 2014


Thursday 10th April saw the much hyped release of Magic Rock Brewing‘s annual Un-Human  Cannonball triple IPA. The official launch was happening down SAAAARF in that there London at 4pm and us Northerners would be able to get our mitts on it at the 7pm second release at Port Street Beer House.

Since nobody enjoys drinking alone (so we tell everyone) me and fellow beer loving lady Rowan Molyneux of Molyneux’s Beer Blog decided to team up to cover the event collab style. So head over to Rowan’s post for the full beer review and for a fully awesome round up of what happened at the official London Launch check out our tag-team mates over at Beer O’Clock!

Here are a  few more photos from the night below, happy viewing!

Shit got busy.
Shit got serious.
Shit got drinkable!

Now for my first impressions…

For an 11% IIIPA this is incredibly drinkable, maybe too much so for my self. For 11% and the hype of a triple IPA I want to be hit in the face with hop bitterness then slowly burned with a sweet alcohol aftertaste. However, Magic Rock are describing it as having gravity defying drinkability, so clearly we were after two different trips on this one.

Flavour wise it had a lovely tropical almost citrusy flavour too it and subtle hint of pine. I detected very little sweetness in comparison to most other imperial IPAs, but I’m pretty sure this was what Magic Rock were intending. As tasty as it is I think the marketing of it may be a little adjective heavy, I didn’t detect massive aromas or deep tropical fruit flavour.

All in all I was pretty pleased with the offering, it has the tropical hop fruitiness that I love and has avoided being cloying sweet. I’d happily drink more regularly if it was a regular brew so didn’t have the price tag of an annual product. I’m happy to pay around £5.50 for a half pint but for that I want to be wooed, wowed and left slightly taste bud wounded.

So fellow craft beer wankers nerds of Manchester and beyond, what did we all think of this years Un-Human Cannonball?

So what do you think?

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