Pancho’s Burritos – Revisited

pancho-burritos-manchesterIt’s a rare thing to find a food outlet that can please veggies and meat eaters a like, usually there’s a token bean burger and a grateful looking herbivore weeping to see some chilli sauce. Pancho’s however kick the hell out of veggie options! You might remember I’ve reviewed these guys before, but that Pancho’s review was way back in 2013 so I thought it was about time we revisited.

Back in 2013 everyone was all about burritos, before that in 2012 people weren’t and they were wrong. Right now in 2014 people are still all about burritos so are correct! But after a year of chain eating those ricey rolls I decided to branch out and do you know what I found out? At Pancho’s the burritos ain’t all that! Before you all go bat shit crazy and try to nail me to a chipotle tree just calm down. In the extended world of burritos Pancho is still king, but as you may have gathered from the photos so far burritos are a little further down the line to the throne.

panchos-nachosOne of the beauties of Mexican food is the abundance of colourful ingredients. After exploring the menu a little more I’ve decided the open faced non foil wrapped items are where it’s at! The nachos usually come perfectly crisp, warm and dripping with cheese. The accompanying pico de gallo is pleasingly fresh, guacamole is as creamy as you like and liberally sprinkled jalapenos provide a welcoming burst of heat. I say usually as I’ve got to admit I’ve been racking up the loyalty stamps with this item, usually pretty much means weekly to me.

A recent revelation for me is pickled cactus which I opt for with pretty much anything I buy from this place. Saying that it seems like the veggie options are sort of just the same option in a different form. The vegetarian soft shell tacos, although a thing of fresh beauty do contain the same filling as the burrito and quite a few of those from the nachos. The staple vegetarian/ vegan bulk item is a rich bean chilli that you’d be hard pressed to avoid, but that’s not a bad thing. That aside Pancho’s dish out some of my favourite affordable food in Manchester, in my books they’re the best bet in the Arndale Food market!

panchos-vegetarianOh but don’t get exited by the beer mat, you’ll have to stick with Coco Cola or Corona.

So what do you think?

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