Restaurant review: SoLita

SoLita-menu.jpegThey’ve made a fancy new V burger since this. Keep reading though, ta x.

I try not to read too much into a place before I get there or I risk hating it before I’ve even arrived but with SoLita I just couldn’t help it.  I knew barely anything about the place. That is, I couldn’t help researching the place, not hating on it. Because honestly there’s nothing to hate.

I think the reason I knew hardly anything about SoLita was because barely anyone I know was talking about it. Sure a little praise about it’s mac and cheese balls and burgers had managed to find it’s way into my ears (thanks Georgia and Ian), but other than that it was like SoLita never happened. I assume this is something to do with everyone dribbling over the guys from Almost Famous.

After after figuring out that SoLita was another one of those burgers are a big deal  type of joint and my heart sank a little. The menu was pretty familiar with the most interesting option being a bean burger. Dont get me wrong I really like bean burgers and it would have been my choice anyway, but only being able choose from four of thirteen main course type dishes is a bit defeating. I was even more bummed out when I realised that one of the four labeled as suitable for vegetarians,  wasn’t suitable after all since the SoLita Parmigiana contains parmesan.  A better veggie than me would given them one of those Vegetarian Society cheese card thingies. But I didn’t because I was far too busy sticking my head in roast tomato allioli, because my word do the folks at SoLita know what to do with a garlic clove!

Also, as it turns out you can order any of the burgers and sub the chuck steak and bone marrow beef burgers for a Special SoLita Bean Burger. This had never happened before, I could eat any burger variation I wanted! This might not seem such a big deal to most people but it’s such a nice touch to go to a place and not have to limit my self to that little ‘V‘. Most restaurants could make their menu a bit more inclusive if they want to, it’s just a shame more places don’t want to. I’m looking at you Almost Famous!

Deep fried mac 'n' cheese balls, minus the seasoning.
Deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese balls, minus the seasoning.

The main reason we found our selves in SoLita was to try the Deep Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese balls and when they came they were really really… alright. Yeah just alright, bit of cheese, bit of macaroni and not a bit of  seasoning. I’d have added the my self but our salt and pepper grinders didn’t join the party until the main course.

So the main for we opted for Catalan bean burgers which come with melted manchego cheese, chorizo, roast peppers and that amazing roast tomato allioli. Yep you heard that right,  just like the  Marble Arch salmon incident I accidently ordered a meaty thing again, except this time it was totally my fault. Thankfully the SoLita staff were paying more attention than we were and a a helpful waitress sent over by the chef pointed out  we’d ordered chorizo topped bean burgers. Maybe I look like a vegetarian, although I had left my sandals and hemp caftan at home. So it was probably due to the bean burger pretty much only being ordered by those of a herbivorous persuasion. The burger was packed full beans as you’d expect, most noticeably kidney beans and a few sneaky carrots. The bun only held its shape for the first two thirds of the way along, but I didn’t mind too much since the peppers were playing ball being all lovely and juicy. The fries thankfully kept there jackets on and that allioli, oh that allioli! I think you get it now, the allioli is great, you should try it and I’ll shut up about it now.

Catalan Bean Burger and fries.

Next Deep Fried Coke Cabrelli’s vanilla ice cream! Or not. I can put away a lot of food but even I had to stop short of dessert. It must have been the stodgy mac ‘n’ cheese balls taking up all my belly room. There was no way anything sweet could get a look in after the generous portions of carbs I’d just shoveled down my throat. But I’ll definitely be trying this mystical Coke syrup injected treat next time.

The decor is pleasantly interesting with it’s contrasting mixture of rustic chalk boards, sleek black furniture and garish combo of red lightbulbs and leather padded bar. I can imagine it will continue to attract a pretty cool crowd (whatever that means) for a good while yet. I mean Gizzi Erskine (@GizziErskin) was spotted in there last night and apparently she can feed you thin, that’s pretty cool right?

So what do you think?

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