Review: Pancho’s Burritos


Pancho’s  Burritos according to The Guardian  is..

“Run by Mexican chef Enrique Martinez, it deals in big, fat, sloppy burritos, stuffed with slow-cooked meats – pulled pork with lime, pork with fleshy cactus, beef in pasilla chilli sauce – that deliver masses of flavour.”

Well that’s what they said in their recent Top 10 budget restaurants, bars and cafes in Manchester

I’d walked past Panchos hundreds of times since the tiny stall lives in the nicer part of the Arndale Market Hall’s seating area near the windows and booze.  Even though I’d seen it and I absolutely love Mexican food I’ve always just been walking past. I’d never bought anything because firstly, I love the halloumi pesto baguettes from a neighbouring stall (no idea what it’s called) and secondly, because the sheer amount the amount of choices on the menu looks mental from a distance. I’m not really a fan of talking to people (yeah I know, I’m an idiot) and standing infront of those boards would more than likely lead to a conversation. Can’t have that.

It doesn't look that inviting but trust me, crack him open and you'll see.
It doesn’t look that inviting but trust me, crack him open and you’ll see.

However, that meat-centric Guardian quote convinced me risk prolonged human interaction and try Pancho’s out. Not because I love piggy juices running down my arm but because I’m an argumentative little so and so. Rave about how good a meat is somewhere and I’ll become determined to either love it the place or decide it’s stupid and I didn’t want to play anyway.

And the verdict on Pancho’s Burritos is… CRACKIN! They’re totally up for serving vegetarians and even vegans, the babes! All the classics; burritos, enchiladas tostadas etc can be made with either the veggie or the vegan chilli option. I opted for the veggie buritto and the man who I assumed to be Martinez was nice enough to check I’m ok with cheese (which I am so on it went!). I decided not to choose any of the extras since I didn’t want to roll back to the office, but mostly because there’s so much inside already. You get sautéed onions, rice, peppers, refried beans, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, hot sauce and your choice of beef, smokey or plain chicken, veggie chilli or vegan chilli. All that for £4 wrapped in a fresh tortilla wrap or £4.50 for an extra large one is very generous. In hindsight I really should have bought some of the guacamole because the meal was just crying out  for some avocado action. Oh well I’ll get it next time, i.e as soon as possible.


So what do you think?

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