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The first time I went to The Marble Arch was on a works Christmas party. In fact it was my first Christmas party with my first ever proper graduate job and it started so well. The food and pub was brilliant, the night was a little less classy as surprise surprise we ended up in my other place of work. The much loved, but slightly sticky student nightclub I’ve worked in since my second year of uni. Thankfully we don’t serve food there so it should rarely sneak it’s way onto the pages of this blog.

Chocolate Truffle Ravioli

Anyway this is The Marble Arch’s moment, so back to business. The food we had there the first time round was totally wonderful! I accidentally ordered salmon due to my ignorance of fish breeds and some not so great menu labelling, but other than that it was fantastic. I can honestly say their liquid popcorn, although I still have no idea what it was or how it came to be, was one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.

Fast forward to the recent past, Thursday just past was my 22nd birthday so it was time to get my fancy food on. I chose to return to The Marble Arch since the seasons had changed and they’re now serving the Winter/ Spring menu.

On entrance it looks kinda strange, it’s more old man than the menu suggests and if you put a marble on the floor it would roll to the back of the pub before you could say, who the hell brings a marble to the pub!?

Ginger beer
Ginger, I couldn’t resist trying it before I managed to take a picture.

When I say old man pub I don’t mean it in a bad way. The Marble Arch is definitely more roaring fire open fire, heavy oak furniture and  Victorian tiling than a place for drunk old men to simultaneously wee and sleep. If you’d like a review of that kind of pub, please leave a name and address in the comment section below. I recommend checking out Oldham’s pubs if that’s what you’re into.

First things first we sorted our selves out with some beers. I got the 4.5% Ginger which is apparently a ” full bodied copper coloured beer displays a delicate blend of cloves, coriander and heaps of fiery ginger.” It might be but I know pretty much nothing about beer. This one tasted good, I got the ginger and it gets you nice and tipsy.

They have a brilliant selection of beers, and were once given a Vegetarian Society award for them. That was a while ago now but I’d still say they’re still pretty dam accommodating.

Food wise the menu was as impressive looking as ever. The Goat’s cheese hash brown, purple sprouting broccoli, red pepper taffy starter was very tempting. How on earth do you make taffy out of red pepper, that’s a sweet right?  But a choice had to be made between starter or desert and neither me nor the boyfriend were ready to turn down cake.

We jumped straight in at the main course and since I was planning on writing this review I stuck with the fairest test I know, the veggie burger test. If you can get that right then I’ll trust you with anything.

As it turns out the Marble Vegetarian Burger isn’t a burger at all. It’s a stack of grilled halloumi, peppers and portobello mushrooms served with some satisfyingly crunchy chunky chips. Normally they’d lose points for having such a misleading menu but the bar lady gave us a heads up straight away and halloumi is banging and should never be turned down! Burger or not it was a dam good choice, the vegetables were crunchy and the halloumi had a brilliantly chargrilled flavour

Coffee cake
Coffee Cake with pink sherbet, “b, please… I’m fabulous!”
To be honest we were really in this for the desert menu, and it was pretty hard choice. In the end we agreed to order and share the Chocolate Truffle Ravioli and one of their wonderful trio deserts. The trio was made up of Coffee cake, warm churros and Mexican hot chocolate, which again was slightly misleading since there was only one churro. I made a bit of a mistake with the churros, I took one bite of my half and just had to shove the rest in without even thinking that maybe I should dunk it in the hot chocolate, which by the way was velvety, spicy and perfect.


Now I’m not normally a lover of coffee cake but dear god this was good! The thick layer of buttercream icing was sweet enough to counteract the bitter coffee sponge. Also it was sprinkled with edible glitter so it looked fancy as balls!

I’d say it’s totally worth the little walk out of the city to find it. But you do have to find it, it’s not the kind of place you can just stumble across of an afternoon. Actually I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of anyone else going there, has anyone else been?

So what do you think?

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