Roast Red Pepper Soup


I had this book once, it had pictures of peas on it and I totally bloody loved it! Everyone that knows me knows I have a thing about books, but this one was special because I wrote it. Well sort of, it was my recipe book and it was so pretty.  It was covered in splashes, water damage and odd doodles. It followed me around from first halls of residence all the way to my third year stressy dissertation/ exam flat. After three years of lovingly filling it in various recipes (I think some meat dishes my have even slipped into it years ago) it’s gone, just gone.

I know where I left it. It was in a sad little drawer in East Didsbury.  I’m still gutted I lost it since not only did I lose years worth of food ideas, but there was a lovely hand written forward message from a friend scrawled into the front. I’d show you a picture but it may embarrass him, also I lost it didn’t I!?

But yeah as much as I enjoy moaning about my book lets get back to what this blog post is really about. I used to have tons of soup recipes that I’d slowly evolved and perfected  but now I have no idea what they were or what I put in them.

So time to start again, I choose you Roast Red Pepper Soup (courtesy of The Silver Chicken, read the full recipe here).

I added a couple of thyme sprigs

Using a couple of potatoes in this soup gave it a nice thick texture without compromising the flavour and the mixture of peppers created a super rich taste. If you want to make the soup vegan friendly just substitute the butter for olive oil and leave out the yogurt, easy.


I ate the soup with some roast tomato focaccia which I’ll do a post on very soon and add a link to it here.

So what do you think?

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