Simple – Northern Quarter

simple-bar-manchesterSome might say Simple is a Northern Quarter institution, it’s been there for as long as I can remember. After a little internet snooping I found out that it’s been on Tib Street since 2001 so no wonder I can’t remember a time with out it, it’s almost as old as the “Northern Quarter” itself. It’s survived a boom in competition, a visit from my mother and major scandal involving a camera and a peeing men.

Before I get onto the food I think I’d better mention my favourite thing about Simple, they have an outside dining area. Not a couple of tables threatening to fall onto the double yellows or three metal chairs in a yard around the back. They have a proper raised outside seating area! If I’m honest thats the main reason I choose to eat there that day. It was suprisingly sunny so everyone must eat outside.


If you go before 3pm Monday to Friday then you can get the lunch time deal. Which means £5.95 for a sandwich/ salad/ light thing and a soft drink, which sounded pretty good to me. But £5.95 for a sandwich (come on I was never going to pick a salad) with fries and a drink seems a little too good to be true and in my opinion it was. When my Fig, caramelised onion and goats cheese sandwich arrived I wasn’t too happy for a number of reasons. Now I might be nit picking here but I think there is a huge difference between caramelised and sweated onions, these where most definitely not caramelised. The figs weren’t too hot on flavour either and the cheese was a little on the thin side. Thank god for the salt shaker. The fries seemed suspiciously like those you can find in a freezer so once again thank god for the salt shaker. The highlight of this dish was easily the french dressing which was a punchy tangy treat. I’ve no idea if they make it in house but even if it’s out of a bottle I don’t overly care, it lightened the situation.

simple-bar-menuThen to Chris’ Halloumi, sun-dried tomato and green pesto sandwich which was served with a mixed leaf salad. I’m the guy’s girlfriend so obviously I had to try a bit of his as well, whether he liked it or not. The halloumi was very thin but for £5.95 I don’t think you can really argue about quantity. Other than the lack of cheese the sandwich was fresh, tasty and it did the job. I was pretty jealous I hadn’t picked the safe halloumi choice my self. Honestly I thought Simple would have been a safe choice all over but I think next time I’ll enjoy my lemonade in the sun then slope off for food elsewhere.

simple-bar-vegetarianThe meal on my plate, I bought it. Coz I depend on me. 

So what do you think?

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