SoLita’s new “V Burger”

solita mushroom burger

The people from SoLita are top, they just are. I’ve always been a fan of their Special Bean Burger and how you have the option to turn any burger on their menu into a veggie alternative with it. Basically you pick the one with the nicest condiment and topping combo then sub in the Special Bean Burger to make it suitable for vegetarians.  Nice eh? They usually have another less customisable veggie option on there books as well – the Portobello (portobello mushroom, roasted mediterranean veg, melted Monterey Jack cheese) but it seems that burger has had it’s day and is now being replaced by a newer fancier model. This would be the new V Burger (I’m not sure if it has a name yet).

The bulk of the new burger is a panko fried portobello stuffed with a sharp Lancashire cheese and garlic butter. It’s then topped with sweet red onions, salad leaves and a creamy mayonnaise like sauce. It may even be mayo but when I had it I didn’t really bother to ask – it was tasty either way.

Right now in Manchester it seems it’s hard to find a veggie burger as unique as this, usually it’s either a bean burger, breaded mixed veggie burger or a portobello and halloumi combo. I do like these options but it really cool to see a restaurant having a go at something a little different.

As cool as it is to have a more original choice on the menu, this burger is by no means refreshing. It’s stodgy, heavy and dam tasty. As soon as you take your first bite you’re bombarded by a cheese and garlic ooze that works well against the firm texture of the mushroom. The sweet onions perfectly cut through what is otherwise a very rich dish and in my opinion finishes the concept off very nicely. As always the bun was brilliant and I had no (metaphorical) beef with the salad. The salad is just kind of there, but it does add some aesthetics value so I’m more than happy to let it hang out on my plate.

My only issue with this burger is that although the panko crumbs and bun did put up a good fight trying to keep the burger in one piece, the garlic butter eventually caused the whole thing to collapse. By the time I was half way through my meal the burger was reduce to a garlicky greasy pile. Honestly though, I’m not proud and I don’t mind looking a bit gross trying to eat a collapsing burger as long as it’s still taste, and tasty this is.


Originally I thought it was just a special but nope, apparently it’s sticking around to become the new house veggie burger. Although I did enjoy the old plainer Portobello burger I definitely prefer this newer flashier option.

I wish I could be more concrete with the details of SoLita’s menu but  I’ll just have to assume that they’ve instated this as their as their house veggie burger by now. I’ve been in a field for the past month(ish). Well I’ve been in 2 different fields for a combined total of 12 days but I’ve missed a lot of stuff, apparently there’s been some royal baby in my absence and somebody grew a test-tube beef burger? As it goes it takes a lot of planning, shopping and travelling to get through working two festivals a month (Kendal Calling and Supernormal) so it’s taken me a while to get this post up. So to iron out uncertainty, if anyone would like to take me to take me on a fact finding mission to find out if this is the official veggie burger, I’m more than happy for you to drag me and your wallet along. Anyway here’s a picture of a burger, enjoy.

solita V burger

So what do you think?

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