V Revolution – Northern Quarter

v-revolutionHappy National Vegetarian week! If you know me you’ll know I’m right rebel so why would I conform to lacto-ovo veggie man on NVW!? Instead of going to a vegetarian place I decided go one step further and visit a hardcore vegan diner, because I’m well edgy.  V Revs is a Vegan Diner/ Vegan Lifestyle/ Punk Metal & Hardcore record shop on Oldham street, Northern Quarter and is the only strictly vegan place I know of in the city.

People are always a little shocked when I tell them I’ve never been to V Revolution. But they can shut their gobs and open their ears now because I have been. I’d always meant to give the diner a shot but it’s just taken me a while to get round to it, what with Manchester being such a veggie friendly city. If I was a full on vegan I imagine I’d be in here all the time since it’s pretty hard to avoid the halloumi veggie option even in our progressive Northern Quarter.

v-revolution-menuVegans eat junk food too. I know it’s shocking isn’t it, they’re not all constantly chowing down on carrot sticks and dry rice. Who’d have thought it!? It seems a logical move then for the guys behind V Revolution to build a vegan junk food mecca serving giant burgers, ‘dogs and shakes. It’s a diner not a restaurant so it’s more akin to a greasy spoon than a sit down and straighten up dining experience, as a result everything looks just a tiny bit grubby. I don’t mean that in a bad why that’s just how it is. What self respecting cafe owner spends their valuable time wiping tiny blobs of ketchup off bottles and replacing every menu that gets a little bit of marg on it?

As well as their regular menu (see above) they have a daily special which sounds as though they’d rival any of their meaty neighbours. On the day we went they’d plotted the Tomacco; burger, cheese, bacon, baconnaise and spicy ketchup. Obviously all of these things are meat replacement but it feels totally odd asking for bacon in a hard core vegan shop. I decided to stick to the menu for because for some reason I just really wanted some lettuce, tomato and mayo. I know I’m not doing very well at getting into the junk food vibe, vegan or not. As a girl that doesn’t eat a whole lot of meat subs I was pleasantly surprised. My Chicken Royal with cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and extra bacon actually tasted fairly like a Chicken Royal with bacon. I say fairly because I’m under no illusion that meat subs taste exactly like the real things, don’t worry I’m not daft. The chicken burger had an almost identical taste and texture to a Bernard Matthew’s Turkey Burger and the bread crumb coating was as crisp as you like. The cheese slice tasted identical to every cheese slice I’ve ever had so no complaints there. Overall the burger got a giant thumbs up from me.

v-revolution-manchesterChris devoured his special Tomacco in about 3 bites but  his noises indicated that he was big fan of it. In fact Chris completely loved the whole place, well he was always going to love a shop where you can get a giant feed and leave with a Torche record and a bar of vegan chocolate. I left happy and full as well. If I can get a burger and a Fritz for under £6 and see my roller derby posters side by side with awesome gigs and ethical events, well then that will do me golden. vegan-resturant-manchester

The meal on my plate, I bought it. Coz I depend on me. 

So what do you think?

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